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Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year today.

It somehow doesn't really feel like it, the atmosphere is lacking and we did minimal visits today because we're not really allowed to go visiting since my grandfather just passed away. But I had fun at my grandma's h0use on my dad's side, playing with my cousins :D We really did grow up together, and well, hopefully we'll continue to grow closer.

There's been a string of emo messages going around and I'm hopping on the bandwagon :D here's to 07v14, one of the greatest classes ever ♥

In alphabetical order:


When I first saw you, all I could remember was impressions of you from primary school where you somehow incurred my class' wrath because Ms Chua kept talking about you and our classes were somewhat loggerheads. xD But I'm glad we got past it because you're a great friend, and I enjoyed all the bus rides home together, gossiping/crapping/complaining. And who can forget your lame jokes, that makes everyone's hair stand xD Thank you for being such a great friend (:
Oh yes. Drumming at your place soon please :D


It was great always talking to you about anime/manga and bugging you for your kinokuniya card (oh yes, please do renew it :D it's going to expire soon xD) I still remember last week in the concourse with kw & jon where you shared your online gaming experiences and IRONROD+XIAOMING :D i haven't laughed so hard, with exceptions for that time we went out for lunch with daph & amanda where we laughed from start to finish. We are probably the only ones who can understand each other's fangirling, with me & JE and you & DBSK. Thank you for being such a great friend (:


First of all, sorry for us always being so mean to you xD You really are a great friend who cares about the people around him, and you always do listen to other people's problems. But do go easy on the nagging okay :D once in a while is fine, not every other minute xD oh, and do go easy with the poking too :D but other than that, thank you for being such a great friend (:


Thank you so much for always taking so much time out to accompany me to orchard to get my magazines :D We've probably gone out alot this year, so much that we're in sync already- pastamania! :D It's been really fun talking to you about manga and JE, and you're probably the only one in class who really understands why I like JE, which is awesome. You're a really caring person who always is concerned about the people around her, and I'm so glad that I became closer to you. Thank you for being such a great friend (: oh and let's still go on our kino+pastamania trips :D


Thanks for your message on your blog :D pretty much everything I want to say was said on your tagboard, but again here, I want to say sorry too for the rough patches we went through in IP1. But I think it's really great that even after we went through so much, we can still be friends now. You always listened to me too in IP1, when i needed someone to talk to, and hopefully someday we'll be able to reach that level again. But you do need to flush out your mouth sometimes, the words/things that come out of your mouth can be unbearably unbearable at times xD And please stop being so obscene :D but other than that, thanks for being a great friend (: oh yes and my Japanese guys are still the best :D


Thank you so so much for the past two years. I remember when we really got to know each other during the Chinese Drama rehearsal, and as I told you, I remember finding someone I could really connect with. We've been through alot, and I'm glad that we've become so much closer because of it. Thank you for always being there when I needed a listening ear, and always comforting me and cheering me up when I need it. Thanks for being such a great friend, bestie/girlfriend (:


You're a really funny guy xD Your expressions never change and you walk around perpetually in your own blur world, but you're a really nice guy too. It's been fun talking about anime with you, and I love your drawing :D I still have the allen walker drawing you drew for me! :D Oh and when your expressions do change, they're priceless, especially when someone makes a sick comment or says something that you don't agree with xD thank you for being such a great friend (:


Before I start, AREN'T YOU GLAD I GOT YOU HOOKED ON SOUL EATER :D You're a really great guy to talk to about anything, especially about crap :D And I remember how every thursday you will proclaim to me that ToraDora is showing, and insult Iljimae, and try to get me to watch ToraDora and Code Geass, and how i try to get you to watch soul eater and succeeded :D You do fangirl with me to a certain extent over how we think some things/people are cute, and you're a funny guy who's jokes nobody gets :D I've known you since IP 1 and we've talked alot of crap since then, and i do remember how you pon and try to get people to pon with you, but always fail :D Grow taller! I'm a girl, so its okay but you're a guy, it's not okay :D thank you for being such a great friend (:


I still remember in IP1 how we always go out as a gang and just do stupid stuff together :D and i remember watching you get dunked inside the coy pond and getting scolded after that, getting caught playing bridge and having to decorate the notice board as punishment (our decorations sucked xD) and watching your toe get crushed by the swing and panicking because we didn't know what to do, and somehow I always remember that time you tied my shoelaces to the table I was sitting on so that i can't get off :/ And you always call me short, but I forgive you for that :D But all through it, you were a really great friend who cares for the people around him, so thank you for being a great friend (:

Kwan Wei

I think the thing that people will remember you most is by your laughter, because it's simply out of this world xD When you laugh, you set everyone else off and you laugh like you're going to die any moment xD I remember IHP (bad memory) where we had to babysit autistic kids and chiong out our project between the two of us, but the hard work paid off i think xD You've been really fun to hang out with, and you're a really nice guy who always helps the people around you and cares for them (: I remember korea trip in the bus where me, kundan and amanda freaked you out, and the zoo attachment and how we've established that you're the main course and I'm the appetizer during chalet xD Thank you for being a great friend (:


You're a really nice guy deep down, behind that stupid bad boy facade you always put up xD I remember when you, me, sulin and kenneth sat together in the same table. We had alot of fun then, didn't we :D And at that time you always listened to me about my problems, so thank you for that. You made the table really fun, and even though you always insult me about my height, thank you for being a great friend (:


You're one funny guy xD Somehow everytime i think of you, I think of that time you, me, siling and kundan went out and you pretended to be mad and scared the shit out of us because we honestly thought that you were angry :/ You scared us to the point where we called you at night to apologize only to find out that you were faking -.- But you've been a great friend, and it was fun hanging out with you during IP1 :D thank you for being a great friend (:


Squadmate! I'm sad that you're not in my class next year because you are wonderful entertainment :D honestly! you always make us laugh and you make class more fun. I still can't forget that time before Lit class where you tried doing a cartwheel and split your pants xD But under all those comedy acts, you're a really nice person who cares about the people around you (: thank you for being a great friend (:


Classmate! :D We'll be in the same class for 4 years, which is totally awesome :D You are an awesome person to talk to about books, whether when dissing twilight, or discussing literary matters (though it isn't very often xD). When you and Kw are together, it is disaster xD nobody can get a word in because everyone's laughing too hard. You laugh and find humor in almost anything, and your laughter always manages to cheer people up (: thank you for being a great friend (: here's to another two years together! :D


Tablemate :D Firstly, sorry for always being so mean to you with Shuyi in our table xD You're a really nice guy, albeit very lame, but you're great fun too :D It was really fun crapping with you at our table and laughing at the silly questions you always ask, or laughing at Shuyi's expression whenever she gets pissed off by your questions xD thank you for being a great friend (:


You were really the person in class who I stayed close to from the start of IP1 till now, and I'm very thankful for that (: You're a really nice person and a great friend, and it's been really fun hanging out with you. I still remember during the Vsparks workshop where we kept tickling each other xD You always give up things for others, and give way in difficult situations, which shows that you really do care about the people around you (: You're really cute and it's funny how you always go "Dey!"or try to wean me off my japanese obsession :D thank you for being a great friend (:


You are one of my closest friends, and someone who I can tell lots of things to. It was great sitting at the same table with you, playing hangman and any other things we can think of to keep ourselves occupied during class xD And it was also great gossiping with you or having heart to heart sessions during Chinese classes. Thank you for always listening to me and helping me with my work (Though sometimes if you're in a bad mood, you'd outright refuse to xD). During the good mood, you always patiently explain to me what I don't understand even though you always make a big fuss out of it xD though you always call me short and call me a noob (it's a wonder I still have self confidence after sitting with you xD), thank you for being a great friend (:


We had a lot of fun sitting in the same table with Lavan and Kenneth, didn't we? xD During Bio projects, or table discussions where we always tried to finish as fast as we can so that we can talk crap after that, ganging up against the guys in the table and talking during lessons/not paying attention even though it isn't very good xD all the best for next year and thank you for being a great friend (:


I still remember you from Aunty Jenny's tuition in Primary 5/6 :D You've been a fun tablemate, and although our table is rather boring, it's been fun playing hangman with you, even though you always pick all the stuff that nobody has heard of due to your extensive general knowledge :D You are a nice guy and it's been fun watching you and shuyi debate over erm, anything that you can think of, and finding ways to entertain ourselves during extremely boring lessons, though you always take the easy way out and fall asleep -.- we'll be classmates for another two years, and whether it's a good thing or a bad thing xD, thanks for being a great friend (:

Zhang Qiao

You're the nicest PRC I know, and you're a really great friend (: I can talk to you like I do with normal friends and you're always really nice to me, listening to me even though you always insult my chinese xD I'm really, really glad that I got to know you and fangirl about JE with you (: And thank you for teaching me their chinese names too xD I mean it! Next time when I'm in Nanjing I'll stay at your house like we discussed okay! thank you for being a great friend (:

There, I think I'm done. Even though I know that most of the people won't read the messages here, it's just something that I want to get off my chest and do :D

It's been two years since we first got together as a class, and I have to say that two years have passed by very quickly. I remember in IP1 where I just got to know the class, and in IP2, where I was looking at the seniors and thinking to myself how lucky we are that we still have another year ahead together, where school reopening wasn't much because we are still together as a class. But right now, it has started sinking in that we're all going to be separated, especially after class allocations are out. During the holidays it didn't seem like such a big deal because we knew that we have the whole month of Jan together before the JC cohort comes in, but time really does fly.

The one month has passed in a blink and now we're only faced with officially three more days together before 07v14 is gone officially and we split up into our different JC classes. All I can say is that we've been through a lot as a class, surviving friendship spats and splits, and becoming alot closer and more bonded as a class in IP2. I can't find any words to say how much I love this class, and I really do hope we can continue to stay close together as class even when we're in different classes now. Let's go out for like monthly dinner/lunches and still get together every morning in the concourse okay! :D

Even though all the other classes and teachers say that we're a mugger class and a boring class, I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank You for everything, guys ♥

07v14 ♥
(kupped from germaine :D)

japanese guys are love

Friday, January 09, 2009

you know you're hooked on too much of JE when:

you read the life of "A life of pi" [as in the mathematical symbol]

as the life of PI [yamapi] *points below*


japanese guys are love

since everytime i blog i lament on how i haven't updated in ages, so for once I shan't lament on how I havent updated since i left for my taiwan trip :D

2008 has passed and 2009 is now here, and what's a 2009 post without some reflecting on the past year? 2008 has been a pretty tiring and eventful year, what with the passing of my two grandfathers & my last year in IP (well technically it isn't my last, but its the last year that i'll really be in IP alone). i think i've done lots of things that i regret the past year, and i wish i could change because i know i could have done it better or a different way, so my 2009 resolution is to stop doing things that i know i'll regret in the future. JE has also pretty much taken over my life this year, so i have to tone it down. i'm determined to study this year, and i shall :D

now looking back, i think 2008 was a pretty wasted year for me, in more than one way that i shan't elaborate, but all in all, 2008 was a pretty bad year. for me & the whole world, what with the recession etc. 2009 may not be better, but i'll make it better. at least for me, i hope :D but the friends that i've gained this year is something that i'll treasure and not throw away.

okay! enough of the self reflecting :D on to the good parts of 2008: the holidays :D i think the year end break after EOYs were a pretty awesome period, what with me lazing my ass off and slacking around, but it was good in the sense that i did lots of stuff that i wanted to do personally, and i caught up with many friends, which i'm thankful for. the zoo attachment was great and left a deep impression on me, and so was catching up with church friends & dhs friends. and so was watching vids/dramas/anime the whole day, but that's something that i'll try to drop ^^;

taiwan trip was a pretty good one, not awesome awesome, but still pretty good (: though i didnt do much shopping there, im glad that i went taiwan :D for one, the hotels were awesome :D we stayed in 5 star hotels most of the time, with one or two 4 star ones. my favourite part of the trip :D as well as the 100 over channels that taiwan tv has :DD i spent many a good nights flipping channels in the hotel room.

this week's been a hectic and pretty crazy week, being the last week before school reopens, and i'm really sad that holiday's over, but no point looking back. i shall look forward from now on :D

monday was outing with tzuhsiang to the ZOO :D wonderful, wonderful day. we covered the entire zoo and stayed there till closing time. it was great catching up with her again and we finally made our zoo outing come true. next up is cooking session at either one of our houses, underwater world and finally JAPAN :D we have it all planned! looking forward to fellow great times with you (:

two of us at the entrance of the zoo. please ignore my arm at the side of the photo cause we were too paiseh to ask passerbys to help us take a photo xD

tuesday was spent lazing around at home which i'm happy for, since i love lazing around at home and spending the whole day on the com :D

wednesday was 2A class chalet! i originally didn't really want to go for it, but got coerced into going and i am so glad that i went. it was fabulous catching up with the rest and seeing people that i haven't seen for two whole years, and catching up with people that i've only spoken to once or twice in the two years that i left dunman high.

i forgot how much fun 2A was, and why i was so sad to leave dunman high in sectwo, and it's because of the class. we spent the entire night playing cards and screaming and laughing till we all lost our voices- i'm still trying to recover my voice now! and i am so glad that the NPCC people crashed our chalet, because i got to know dawnlee there :D it was totally awesome!

they were in the bedroom, and i was going in to get my charger so that i can charge and watch soul eater outside in the living room while the others were watching iron man, and she saw my class jersey. i had chinen on it, and she asked me if it was chinen yuri. that was the exact moment we bonded xD and we spent almost two hours just fangirling over JE. best thing? she's really into arashi now, like me. and we both love massu :D and all in all, we pretty much love and hate the same things, which is awesome.


thursday i was a zombie, cause i only got less than two hours of sleep the previous night, and the bed i was sleeping on squashed like 7 people. and only my head was on the bed while my body was on two chairs. so it was a highly uncomfortable position and i couldn't get much sleep then. which sucked cause i was a zombie the next day, even after a bath.

those that needed to go to school left the chalet first and me, shenmei, yi'an, sandra, benjamin and bolong went to burger king for breakfast before we left. i went to meet siling, amanda & chris after that to play pool, and i apologize for making them wait 45 minutes xD

we played pool for awhile, but i couldn't properly appreciate it cause i couldn't keep my eyes open and well. like i said, i was a zombie. went to east point to get lunch after that before we went to siling's house for mahjong session :D i forgot how fun it was to play mahjong and i won twice :D so i haven't really lost my touch for it yet! the mahjong session was awesomely fun even though i had to have a tissue box next to me the entire time.


today was supposed to go for class outing, but didn't really feel well so i stayed at home. gotta keep in good health for my interview on tuesday anyway. olevel results out on monday, so good luck to everyone who took olevels. i'll be praying for you (: and well, i really hope that i can pass my olevel chinese, but i'll just leave it in God's hands i guess. but i really do hope that i can pass and get at least a C. that would be enough for me.

on to lighter topics. i've been back to anime again :D how can i ever forget it? it's my first love and will forever stay my first love, even though JE has pretty taken over my life right now. i've been watching great animes these holidays :D

most recent anime i watched was SOUL EATER and it is absolutely fantastic.

now i know why the rest kept talking about it. it's awesome! :D i downloaded it to see how good it was since everyone kept talking about it and telling me to watch, and honestly i got bored to tears the first few episodes, and i didn't really like the character animations. but i stubbornly clung on and i am so glad that i did. after like episode 6 i was completely hooked on it and i finished it up till episode 38 in like 3 days :D i absolutely love the character designs now, and the whole plot and concept and the characters especially.

i like that the good guys dont always win here, and there are tons of plot twisters that leave me pulling my hair out when i realize that something i totally didn't even think of happens :D and i adore maka/soul. and kid with his obsessive compulsive disorder with symmetry :D and to a twisted extent, i really like Dr Stein too :D it's supposed to run for 51 episodes, but so far episode 38 is the last subbed one. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LAST THE WAIT TILL THE FINALE T_T that's why i hate watching incomplete dramas/animes. but i cant wait for it :D

i watched special A, but it wasnt a very good anime to me so i shan't mention it. i finally got around to watching La Corda D' Oro and it was pretty good. kinda boring at some parts though, and i didn't really like the slow moving pace. but it was a pretty good series :D and the boys didn't disappoint at all :D (which was my main reason for watching but oh well :D)

another anime that completely blew my socks off was lovely complex :D i watched a bit of the movie earlier, which starred teippei, but i didnt like the female lead, so i ditched it. but after the theme park and before dinner in taiwan, i had three free hours in the hotel room so i was watching tv, and i caught one episode of lovely complex and i was completely hooked.

it is super duper funny, and had me laughing till i almost cried the entire series, and i adore the pairing of risa/otani. they are one of the best couples in anime history ever, and that's saying alot :D many people dont like the kansai accent, but i love it here because it's so cute and kinda apt :D and the faces that risa and otani pull here in the anime. had me laughing to the point of tears. its too awesome to describe, you have to watch it for yourself :D and they are one of the few couples that really made me squee when they kissed. risa/otani ftw! :D

and of course, the height difference is epic xD

another plus point is that the opening and closing songs were all sung by tegomassu & heysay7 :D
check out the awesome faces that they pull here. this is only a teaser :D

amatsuki is another anime i watched, pretty short only 13 episodes though the manga is longer. i watched it for the bishies, i admit, recommended by alicia, but the plot hooked me. it was pretty good and i love the princess. and bon :D

next anime on my list is dgray man & bleach. i still remember, i watched bleach until episode 4 and deleted the 150 episodes i downloaded cause i was too impatient to finish watching and it took up 11GB, which i couldn't spare. so im watching it online :Di'm still waiting for hitsugaya, but its a looong way. im only on episode 5 T_T

dgray man is in the midst of downloading now :D i still remember when i went to japan last last year, i bought tons of D gray man stuff cause i fell in love with allen walker even though i had no idea what dgray man was about xD

this is the guilty man :D allen walker!

im starting ryusei no kizuna too now, because it's finished airing and sakurai storm subs just released the last three subbed episodes :D can't wait, i bet its as good as maou :D the reviews are all raving about it and well. its nino :D and ryo :D

oh wow. its a really long post :D kinda makes up for the time i didnt blog i guess xD and i forgot to mention that me, steph & renjie played for the boon lay countdown. we accompanied vj harmonica band and it was a pretty good experience ^^

okay i shall stop here. i have to finish watching my bleach episode 5 :D

japanese guys are love

Thursday, December 11, 2008

off to taiwan! back on the 20th dec :D
riida is awesome :D

japanese guys are love

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

part I:

i almost forgot that i had this blog again ^^; somehow i really think that me & blogs do not get along haha. lots & lots of things have happened over these past few weeks, and i shall blog about them one by one :D

firstly, my grandfather passed away. yup, he passed away at 6.28am on monday, 10th november in the hospital. i'm really thankful that he's out of his pain & suffering and hopefully he's looking down at me from heaven with my other grandfather (: because he accepted Christ! Thank God for that. but the funeral was a taoist one, and it was so different from my other grandfather's funeral, which was a simple Christian funeral.

For my other grandfather, during the wake we just had service every night and stuff. But for Taoist funerals, there are loads and loads of rituals to go through and i didnt understand a single thing. and rank is very important, and because i was the 外孙, i was the lowest rank and at the back. i didn't understand the whole thing, but if i did, i think i'd be even more upset because when my aunts and dad told me what those priests were saying during the rituals, its really really sad, like my grandfather is going to cross the bridge, but he can't bear to when he sees the rest of us crying behind him.

but i have one complaint. we didnt cremate my grandfather at Mandai Crematorium this time, but at some temple place and it was so darn fast! its like one minute i was on my knees paying my respect to my grandfather, the next minute i saw a huge flame and the coffin is gone. and since i was at the back, i couldn't see a single thing. I didnt even get to say my last goodbye to my grandfather or mentally prepare myself! Mandai crematorium is so much better. but i will just take comfort in the fact that he is in heaven now and out of his suffering, and that i will see him again soon (:

the next thing on my list: prom! man, makeup for prom was a disaster! i went to amanda's aunt's salon to do and they have just permanently turned me off makeup. seriously. i sat there for like two hours getting tortured as they redid and redid my makeup over and over again! they plucked my eyebrows, put fakeeyelashes, gave me green eyeshadow when i said no to all these! horrible people. the only thing i was happy about was my hair. cause they just straightened it :D

prom itself was fun, and we had loads of fun seeing who wore what :D all the girls looked really really pretty and the prom queen and king of the night were sheila and kundan. dinner was okay, but it was more fun sitting at the table and crapping haha. there's not much i can say for prom, so i shall just let the pictures explain :D

first picture of the night! :D yingsi's picture is clearer, but its really dark

me & chris :D he went around taking pictures with everyone haha

with sheila! prom queen + my lovely guitar mate :D

with alicia :D
daphne! my lovely kino buddy + jap buddy :D speaking of kino, i need her to go with me again soon xD
with yijun & yingsi! i love these two girls (:

my partner in taking care of autistic children xD

kenneth with the newmoon hamper he won from lucky draw xD

the humanities people next year from v14! three only, i know.
we love camwhoring in the toilet :D we went to the toilet countless of times haha
kw with the ferrero rocher he won for our whole table :D
me & germaine :D
thailand trip people! :D i love these people :D when will we have our outing! haha
me & amanda :D
class photo with ms chia & laoshi :D
HAHA we met laoshi in the toilet :D
they gave each of us a rose! :D
me & joann :D we always end up in the same group haha!
with xinying, the crazy girl :D
me & dear shuyi! :D
he said he posed as the gentleman in this picture xD
07v14 girls
here ends part I. i need to split the post because of some screwed up formatting -.-

japanese guys are love

part II:

yes, and im finally done with the photos :D it took super long to upload all of them haha! next thing! i met up with dhs people these past few weeks! :D haha on thursday, the day of the prom, i still hadn't gotten my handbag yet, so i dragged dear tzuhsiang out with me to shop for it xD that lazy girl haha! took me ages to convince her to come out, but thank you so much for accompanying me (:

we had loads of fun, talking and shopping! she helped me find my bag and i helped her shop for prom too :D i think now she's in taiwan, will miss her! haha /th, if you're reading this, we still have our zoo outing when you come back okay! :D i love this girl (:

on friday, right after prom, i met cuiting too :D but our macs was being renovated, so we were relocated to tm macs which we hated. there is absolutely no privacy! we talked alot as usual, and then she came over to my house :D she went crazy over the jap videos with me too! :D haha this thursday when she comes over, i bet we won't sleep the entire night xD im looking forward to it! haha

we had class chalet last week! and man, i love 07v14. seriously, they are one of the most memorable class for me. i love everyone inside it, and we had better not lose touch next year! me & daddy were the ones who booked the chalet, so we went down early to check in. and aranda was retarded, cause they said they needed the gold card and stuff, when daddy's card was sufficient. but we still managed to check in, thank God for that.

siling came after that and the two of us were really cozy in the living room! and aranda is just the best chalet i've ever been to. seriously. the place is huge and it is super nice! with an LCD tv. haha me & siling were really comfortable there! it was so big, but so cozy :D the rest came after that and our peace was disrupted xD haha we lazed around the entire time until it was dinner and i had to leave for some stuff. they came to the MRT station to pick me up after that! :D thank you so much, guys :D

we were all really sleepy, but after a bath we were all okay again. and we spent the rest of the night playing polar bear xD no life right, but its a really fun game! haha. me & kw were the two course meal, me being the appetizer & he being the main course! haha. and tim's pink shirt is cursed xD lets not ever let desiree be the moderator. we all died terrible deaths when she was! we played until 4am in the morning, don't ask me how we did that xD its just fun when v14 is together (:

we woke up at like 9 in the morning, and as usual i was one of the last to wake up. but i fell ill! so thats excusable haha. we walked out to get macs breakfast before we continued playing polar bear & indian poker :D it was really sad for me, when i had to leave in the afternoon because well. i wanted to stay over the entire chalet, but im thankful that i could stay over for one night (: and everyone were exchanging notes! it was so sweet (: i really love this class and our refugee camp! refugee camp rocks

and with this ends my long, long post. three weeks packed into one. not bad huh! :D (and not a single mention about jap guys okay! its a miracle :D)

japanese guys are love

Sunday, November 02, 2008

okay, im updating again, but it isnt something very good.

my grandfather is in critical condition in the hospital now, and we're prepared that he may go anytime. keep him in your prayers please, that he'll go as quickly as possible so that he'll be relieved of the pain that he's going through right now.

im scared, honestly. im scared because of purely selfish reasons, because of this i may not be able to go for prom or for class chalet, and i hate myself because of that. im scared because he isn't saved and now it's too late to reach out to him, and i hate myself because i've had so long to try and reach out to him, but i didnt even bother cause i didnt know teochew that well. i hate myself too because i made the exact same mistake again and now its too late to tell him i love you, or thank you for bringing me up all these years, or just an i'll miss you.

im scared because his funeral is going to be a taoist one, and im really the most scared for that because it's going to be so different from my other grandfather's one which is a christian funeral. and i hate myself for it because i know, and it shows that my faith isnt strong enough. all in all, im just really scared.

chinese olevels on wednesday too. but foremost, please pray for him.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

lalala okay im updating. yes, desiree, i'm updating so that you can see things from my perspective -.-

first of all, let me start off by saying that VJC is crazy. or more specifically, VJC chinese department is crazy. chinese everyday ever since end of years ended. okay, maybe it wasn't everyday, but it was close to everyday, and this week we had chinese everyday for two hours. two hours of lmn is close to making anyone lose their sanity. next week, we're going to have FOUR hours of chinese everyday and that is enough to make people LOSE their sanity. please pray that we survive next week.

and i swear lmn loves picking on me. when she's done picking on the others on her blacklist, mainly siling, desiree, moses etc. once she's done, she turns to me. i swear! today she made me move to the front for no reason. and then promptly put the blame on me when she shifted the others to the front. geez

prom shopping is fun, but tiring and frustrating at the same time. i got my dress, but i need to get my shoes, accessories, purse, makeup etc. i wasnt even considering doing up my hair all these but apparently the rest are all going to the hairdresser to do up their hair. so i shall follow alicia :D and there's still makeup to consider. oh gosh prom is such a troublesome thing. i hope amanda's mum can like let us go over and do our makeup there :D

this week other than silly old chinese we had some weird sharing session on the qualities of a 21st century worker, which was total crap. but my group was fun, cause got me, xinying and leslie. crazy group :D leslie concluded that me and xinying cant coexist peacefully. its more like we show our affection to each other by fighting xD the project itself was boring, but the group people were fun :D and mr boy's group is slack, not like rachel ong's. thank goodness i got mr boy this time.

i cant wait for olevel chinese to be over, but at the same time i dont want it to be over. cause once it's over, 07v14 has kinda officially disbanded as a class. i miss this class, it's been a great two years although fraught with troubles and stuff. but i think our class is a closer knit one now and i cant bear to leave all of them. especially since im going humanities stream and everyone else's going science. oh well. at least we still have three weeks together next year, so must make full use of that time before we split.

we had phototaking yesterday and guess what i brought. no, seriously, guess. my jap winkup magazine! NEWS was on the cover :D i had a tough time deciding which to bring, but since i kept bringing kattun, i decided i shall give NEWS a chance. unfortunately the ones with arashi on the cover aren't very nice, and i dont even need to talk about hey say jump.

OH OH speaking of hey say jump, i have converted amanda to the light :D she agrees with me that chinen is cute/hot now! he has seriously grown over the year, his voice broke, his face matured, his hairstyle changed. whoa, i feel like a proud mother/sister, seeing him grow over the year. but that's kinda screwed, cause i want to marry him. hmmm, okay let me change it. a proud fangirl :D

and i finished iljimae :D wonderful, wonderful drama. twenty episodes of leejoonki as the main actor. in a mediaval korean drama. with long, wavy hair. in hot armour and angsty emotions and past. DROOLWORTHY DRAMA :D i cant wait till it comes out on dvd, hopefully i can get it :D next thing to watch on the list is time between a dog and a wolf. another 16 episodes of droolworthy scenes of leejoonki. but he cut his hair for his drama and i dont like his hairstyle. he doesnt look pretty ): but oh well. its ljk. i won't complain :D

i've been on an arashi spree recently and i still havent outgrown it yet. but how can i! arashi is such an adorable and lovely group, with so much member-ai and love between the members. and their shows are hilarious. and their songs are nice. ooooh! i love arashi :D i love kattun too, but i dont like their new version of CTKT ): and they havent released a new single in ages. please, johnny, let them record a new single ):

NEWS are also kinda MIA, cause the only time i get to watch them is when they perform, or on concert DVDs or when they release a new single cause they dont have a regular tv show. i miss massu! oh yes next dramas on the list to watch when they're done airing: ryuusei no kizuna & scrap teacher :D

i have officially concluded that i have no motivation to keep a blog. cause sometimes i go on a blogging spree, and other times i just completely forget that i have a blog/too lazy to update. but i shall try to update, promise (:

oh and i cut my hair yesterday BUT THERE'S NO VISIBLE DIFFERENCE T_T thats why i hate going to any other hairdresser other than mine at my grandma's house. the entire time i was like: dude, what are you cutting -.- but at least he didnt ruin my hair so it'd still look presentable for prom :D

okay i have really run out of topics to talk about. seriously, so i shall stop here and blog again when i think of new things to blog about xD

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i got back all three science papers the past two days

with this, i have officially concluded the chapter of science in my life.

what a huge relief! :D science was never my forte, nor my passion. rather it was kinda more like a torture for me. although taking arts may limit many things, i know i have no future in science. and i already know what i want to be anyway, so its all dandy (:

my marks so far are rather shitty. my highest is chem, ironically, which is not very high compared to everyone else. i feel dumb when i compare their results to mine, but i shall not take heart in it because its only EOYS. i'll study hard for A levels, and i think i probably will since its humanities :D my dream combination. if only they let me take it earlier, but i guess taking science was good too

tomorrow's an important day, cause we're getting back our LA & IH papers. please let me get good grades for them? i want to get my A through them, most probably my only A, which is sad. but i shall strive for it :D

yesterday was a really lousy day. everything was fine, until i reached home and realized that my phone was missing. i started panicking and looking everywhere, but i couldnt find it. i even called my phone loads of times to see if anyone picked it up. when i called daddy for help, i was in tears already because this is the first time i really, really lost my phone.

thank goodness i left it in class and mummy went all the way back to college to help me search for it. thank you, mummy, even though i yelled at you for not picking up your phone, and was a total bitch to you.

apparently i left it on the table in class and jingrong and tim found it, and they and germ were trying to call me about my phone. but i guess i hogged the line trying to call my own phone ^^; whoo but at least i got it back. i'll never, ever misplace my phone again. i swear.

on the side note, lee joon ki is hot :D i have rediscovered my life for him through iljimae! twenty delicious episodes of him as the leading character in a historical drama. with long hair. he's a total knockout :D maybe i shall go watch my girl after iljimae just to watch some more of his hotness.

i love arashi. and arashi loves me :D

p.s. i deleted most of my links. now it looks so much nicer :D anyway those that i deleted are either dead, or those that i dont frequent, or those that i dont talk to anymore. yep. spring cleaning

japanese guys are love

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